Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beauty 9-1-1: Quick Fixes For Beauty Emergencies

It’s one of the worst-case beauty-scenarios. A beauty emergency hits while you’re at an important lunch or on a hot dinner date with Mr. Right…and you forgot to pack your beauty essentials.

Don’t let a beauty boo-boo ruin your good time. We’ve got some super quick, do-it-yourself beauty fixes to the rescue.

These unusual beauty tips all involve the use of common, every-day items that are easy to round up at almost any restaurant. Some of this emergency makeshift makeup may already even be in your purse.

Next time you find yourself in a beauty crisis, try out these quick fixes:

Use butter as a moisturizing lip gloss.
One of the last things you want when you’re out on a hot date is to have dry, flaky lips. Keep them soft and moisturized by smoothing on some plain old table butter. The oil from the butter is effective in conditioning the lips and it leaves a nice shine. Yes, it’s a little weird, but it really works.

Separate clumpy eyelashes with a toothpick.
This is an old but effective beauty trick. If your mascara gets clumpy, (carefully!) pick through the clumps with the edge of a toothpick. Please exercise extreme caution when doing this so that your date or lunch meeting doesn’t end in the emergency room.

Curl your eyelashes with a spoon.
If your lashes start to uncurl (or you forgot to curl them in the first place), use a spoon as an improvised eyelash curler. Cup the spoon over your closed eye and position the edge of the spoon as close to your lash line as possible.
Using a finger on your other hand, gently press your lashes against the outer curve of the spoon and hold for a few seconds. Repeat, if necessary, until your eyelashes are gently curled.

Toilet paper seat covers make great blotting paper.
If your T-zone shifts into overdrive and you need a makeshift face-blotting tissue, try using a disposable paper toilet seat cover to blot your face and absorb excess oil.
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Use an ice cube if a surprise pimple appears.
Pimples sometimes surface at the worst possible moments. Nip a zit in the bud by applying an ice cube to the inflamed area for a couple minutes. The cold should help curb the swelling and calm inflammation. If you’re lucky enough to have some Visine eye drops with you, apply a drop to the pimple to help eliminate redness.

Use a matchbook cover as a makeshift nail file.
If you chip a nail, file down sharp edges with the abrasive strip on the back of a matchbook cover or side of a matchbox.

Need a quick fix for hangnails?
Break out the butter again. Butter not only helps moisturize your lips, but it can also help smoothe a pesky hangnail. Use the butter the same way as you would a regular cuticle cream: just dab a little on and then massage until it’s absorbed.

Calm a case of the frizzies with a dab of hand lotion.
Forgot to check the weather report? If humid weather has got your hair hot-wired, smooth down frizzies by using a dab of hand lotion in place of a hair cream.

Fight grease with an improvised “dry” shampoo.
Stave off oily hair by lightly applying an alcohol-based product such as regular anti-bacterial hand gel (the clear, non-creamy kind) or those little, individually wrapped hand wipes available in many restaurants. Alcohol-based products such as these help to absorb oil and freshen hair.
If you’ve managed to bring your perfume with you (but somehow forgot all the important stuff), a spritz of perfume on the roots of your hair is also an effective (and great smelling) quick fix for greasy hair.

One last tip: This probably goes without saying, but if you have to perform any of these makeshift beauty tricks, it’s definitely best to excuse yourself and do this in the privacy of the ladies room. It’s so much easier to say that you have to go powder your nose than it is to explain why you’re buttering your smoocher instead of your dinner roll.

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