Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Perfect Tinted Moisturizer

Still looking for the best tinted moisturizer? While there are many excellent tinted moisturizers on the market, you may find that some are too dark, too light, too heavy, or not moisturizing enough — the potential list of problems is virtually endless.
If you still haven’t found your perfect tinted moisturizer, you can try this beauty secret for making your own tinted moisturizer that’s perfectly customized to fit your skin’s needs.
The great news is that the best tinted moisturizer for your skin type and skin tone may already be waiting for you in your makeup bag. Simply mix some of your foundation with your moisturizer and voila! A tinted moisturizer that’s personally customized for your skin.
Our favorite method for making your own tinted moisturizer at home is to use your favorite moisturizer and mix it with mineral makeup such as Bare Escentuals BareMinerals. High quality mineral makeup almost seems to dissolve when mixed with moisturizer and when you apply this homemade tinted moisturizer to your face, it creates light, even coverage as well as the soft glow characteristic of mineral makeup.
Not into minerals? Regular liquid foundations also work great as tinted moisturizers when mixed with your face lotion.
Another advantage to mixing your own tinted moisturizer is that you can easily adjust the color. If you need more coverage, add more foundation. Want a tinted moisturizer to match and enhance your tanned, summer glow? Just mix in a little powdered bronzer into your homemade tinted moisturizer.
Quick Tip: We found that one of the easist and least messy ways to mix your own tinted moisturizer is to use a mini plastic cosmetics spatula (available at most beauty supply stores). These little spatulas make scooping out powdered mineral makeup and mixing it into the moisturizer a snap and they’re also great for scraping that last bit of product from the bottom of a cosmetics jar.

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