Saturday, July 3, 2010

Don’t toss that summer makeup!

As tans have faded and trends have changed, you’ve almost certainly built up a collection of summer makeup that’s been making its way to the back of your bathroom drawer. Before you toss out that makeup for good, be sure to check out these tips that can help you save money and expand your makeup wardrobe.

-If you buy darker foundations during the summer, you can still use them long after your tan has faded. Try using your “summer” foundation as a contouring shade under cheekbones or even between your breasts to create the illusion of deeper cleavage.

-Another use for a darker shade of foundation is to mix a couple drops of it with your moisturizer for a subtle faux glow.

-Bronzers and darker face powders become Perfect shades of contouring eyeshadows. Similarly, liquid bronzers and foundations make lovely liquid shadows.

-As for all that neon nail polish that you might never wear again? Get creative and use them for everything from art projects to fraying shoelaces

As always, the trick is to think creatively about all the different ways you can use your beauty products. It’s one of the best ways to help save money, ensure that products don’t go to waste, and expand your makeup collection.

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