Saturday, July 3, 2010

Get rid of dry cuticles for good!

Thick, dry, and peeling cuticles are one of beauty’s biggest pet peeves. Whether you get weekly manicures done by a professional or you choose to do your own nails, this tip is indispensable for developing and maintaining healthy cuticles and smooth, moisturized hands. Do not perform this procedure if your cuticles or the skin on your hands is injured, raw, or bleeding because it could worsen your condition. As always, please seek treatment from a physician if you suffer from any serious skin condition.

One of the most common ways of treating dry, thick, or peeling cuticles is to try snipping off the dead skin with a cuticle nipper. The problem with this method is that it is difficult and even dangerous to perform on yourself. People often tend to nip off too much skin, which simply results in your skin growing back even thicker and, worse yet, you could easily cut too deeply and injure yourself. Furthermore, as a practical matter, it is virtually impossible to use cuticle nippers on yourself unless you’re ambidextrous because you’ll always be forced to use your left hand to trim the cuticles on your right (or vice versa if you’re a lefty).

But not to worry! We’ve got an easy and safe solution for you. First, start with clean, dry nails. Take a good, oil- and sugar-based body scrub and apply it to your cuticles and nail area. If you’re running a little short on time, you can do this while in the shower, but you’ll get the best results if you do this while your hands are still dry.
Gently massage the body scrub in small circles over the entire cuticle area, paying special attention to the part of your finger where the corner of the nail meets the skin. Spend approximately 30 seconds exfoliating the cuticle of each nail.
Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Follow up your cuticle scrub by massaging a rich cuticle cream into the cuticle as well as the nailbed on each of your fingers. For really deep moisturization, slather on some handcream and slip on a pair of cotton gloves.

Again, the absolute key to this is maintenance. Perform the exfoliating procedure weekly and massage your cuticles and nails with a rich cuticle cream twice a day and we promise you can kiss those dry cuticles goodbye forever!

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